6 Week Surgical Tech Program

This is a guide to discovering that you want to be a surgical technician but require a shorter duration for training. With this in mind, there are students who seek to enroll for 6 Week Surgical Tech Program in surgical technologies.

Of course, dreams of obtaining a job earlier rather other fellows look very tempting but before enrolling a 6-week surgical technology program one should think twice.

What are 6-week surgical technique programs? Are such programs useful?, This is the information we are inclined to reveal in this article along with our suggestion.

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6-week Surgical technology programs are coursework that cover specialty areas in a brief period

In order to enter this profession if you have made some preparations and looked for some programs, you might have heard about those programs which last 6 weeks and give you a possibility to enter the sphere of surgical assisting immediately.

Aimed at providing basic information on surgical technology and signifying students of entry-level surgical technology positions, six-week surgical technology programs are typically online courses that are compressed training programs. They can be described as aggregated and concise, lasting for six weeks only, and stressing more on basic contents and competencies.

Some aspects of the curriculum that might be offered in these programmes may be basic surgeries, anatomy, aspects related to aseptic surgery, and manner of implementing different surgical accessories. It is for this reason that these programs are prepared to give the basic concept of the role in the operating room.


Each of the stages of a phase acquired at such programs is contextually valuable: Why are 6-week programs beneficial?

When you see a 6-week program for surgical technologists, you probably feel the same way: It is also exceptional as it enables one to practice in the profession immediately. But that’s not all.

First of all let mention the reasons why learn programs during 6 weeks are popular:

They guide you in landing a job faster when you enter the job market

Traditional programs take several years of study to prepare you for the market most especially in the career you will be venturing into. Practical programs generally give a certificate upon completion and the time usually ranges from 1-2 years. Next comes the need to acquire the clinical experience and have the preparation to obtain the certification, and this may take several months too.

With such six week courses, the training term is limited to a few weeks only and thus makes it easier for the individuals who are involved in the course. After completing these courses, you are ready to accumulate the practice in clinics and start preparing for certification by the NCST. After completing the certification examination process, the individual is ready to embark on a certified surgical technologist career.

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It’s Affordable

Despite this, the program is not extremely costly, especially when compared to traditional programs. These program are offered at relatively low costs hence are affordable to the aspiring people intending to peruse a career in surgical technology. In addition, all your expenses such as, food, shelter, parking fees, gasoline and transportation shall have been used.


Actually these programs are very special, developed to provide you with comfort and as much flexibility as possible. The massive advantage of the programs is that they are delivered online so there are no rigid schedules and you can studies in your pajamas if you wanted to.

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Are they recommended? No!

Are they recommended

Many schools offer brief programs for surgical technologists that can take as little as 6 weeks to complete, which is great for those who’d like an initial glimpse of what surgical technology is like. Nevertheless, it cannot equip you with adequate formal training and invaluable firsthand clinical experience that a professional career may demand.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing one, there is need to assess your unique career needs in order to be aligned to the program. Of course, it is worth noting that in the long run, you may require more specialized and advanced training to get a job as a surgical technologist.

We do not recommend these programs for the following reasons:We do not recommend these programs for the following reasons:

They Don’t Prepare You For The Career

The progression of your lessons will enable you to become a surgical technologist if you do not study fast, then you may not cover enough courses in 6 weeks. Here are some hard facts: Surgical technician is not agame or a joke; there is much to master. Of course, at least four or five months would be required for receiving right training.

Surgical assistants work directly in the operating room, and need to be familiar with common surgeries, tools, as well as sterilization methods., it will not take you week and week half to have the know how and the needed skills for the job.

This Is The Preparation for Certification

It is important to note that this six-week program does not and cannot prepare anyone for the certification examination.

Credentials like the NCST are well recognized and are usually a plus when one is seeking employment in a graduate or professional level position. To secure these certifications, one has to undergo a course in a formal accredited program in surgical technology. While a six week program might fulfill the degree requirements, it will not teach one how to achieve the skills necessary to pass the certification exam.

No Clinical Experience

Fast-track programs, which take six weeks and culminate in surgical technologist certification, can help students enter this field swiftly. However, due to its brief nature, they might not cover extensive training, or clinical functions that are so necessary for a sustainable career.

However, if there is the real-world confidence to strive in the position, then there will be practical clinical experience. For that, you must seek internships on your own and not have them advertised for you. This can be hectic. You also have to consider a program that include internships.

Want A Better Program?

This is along the lines of the questions people ask when they are considering the effective that is a 6-week program a viable program, is there a better program? Yes, there is.

They are informing the readers that there is a program that fits all their demands. One that has even better features such as enabling people to complete their courses faster, at a less expensive rate, at the comfort of their homes, and even gives one a university certificate.

Introducing Preppy’s Surgical Tech Online Program

Introducing Preppy’s Surgical Tech Online Program

Preppy is an organization that prepares working individuals for a particular job to get hired in the job market. Did Preppy receive benefits from starting as a surgical technician quicker, cheaper, and 100% online?

What you get in a surgical technician program:What you get in a surgical technician program:

100% Online & Self-Paced

Preppy’s Surgical Technologist program is online. This gives you greater access and convenience to complete the program from the comfort of your own home.

The program is available on-demand, meaning you can join classes whenever you want.

Unlike traditional courses, there’s no need to worry about being left behind. Plus, there’s no schedule, so you can pause and resume lessons whenever you want.

Preppy’s programs are self-paced, so you can learn at your own pace. This is beneficial because you can go back to lessons as many times as you like until you fully understand them and then move on when you feel confident.

Prepare for Certification

We shouldn’t tell you about certifications. You know how important and valuable certifications are. They provide you with a formal credential and improve your career prospects by validating your competency in your field.

Preppy has you covered! It prepares you for the NCST certification exam administered by AAH. So, once you complete the program, you’ll be prepared to take the certification exam.

College Certificate

At Preppy, once you complete our Surgical Technologist program, you’ll receive a certificate of completion from Auburn University, a prestigious non-profit university that’s been around for over 150 years.

We all covet that college diploma. Right? The value, prestige and pride that a college degree gives you is unimaginable. Employers usually prefer candidates who have a college diploma on their resume.

What’s interesting is that with Preppy, you can achieve that without ever stepping foot on a college campus or paying expensive tuition fees.

Internship Opportunities

Most Surgical Tech programs don’t offer internship opportunities, but Preppy knows exactly what students should get.

Upon completion of the Surgical Tech program, you will be offered an internship opportunity at a nearby facility.

Internships are extremely helpful, as they allow you to gain practical experience and become more confident in your role even before you start your career. Plus, internships act like professional experience and add value to your resume.


Traditional surgical technician programs can cost around $20,000.

But Preppy offers its surgical technician program for just $1599. At this price point, Preppy competes strongly with 6-week programs, but you get much more bang for your buck with Preppy.

Preppy’s programs are incredibly affordable and wallet-friendly, so you can enjoy your studies stress-free and avoid taking on student loans.

Finish Faster

Unlike traditional programs, you don’t have to spend years to complete Preppy’s Surgical Technologist program. Depending on your pace, you can complete it in just 4 months by dedicating 3-4 hours of your busy schedule.


It is our hope that you will have gained a good understanding of the various six-week surgical technologist programs from this article. Thus, if you are eager to get to the desired profession faster, the flow that may take only six weeks is not the most effective one because such programs often do not include the effective training, as well as successful practicum that are important for the professional career.

Nevertheless, these programs are valuable if you have trained to be surgical technologist and desireto getacertificate for certification or if it is the best time for you to get a refresher course.

Still, there is hardly any situation where Preppy can be considered anything other than a perfect option. This is a better option because in addition to receiving much training you are also in a position to intern and prepare for certification.